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Winter Passing (2005)
Watch Winter Passing full movie online free. Actress Reese Holden has been offered a small fortune by a book editor if she can secure for publication the love letters that her father...

Film director: Adam Rapp
Actors: Amelia Warner, Amy Madigan, Anthony Rapp, Dallas Roberts, Ed Harris
Duration: 98 min

The Last Winter (2006)
Watch The Last Winter full movie online free. The American oil company KIC Corporation is building an ice road to explore the remote Northern Arctic...

Film director: Larry Fessenden
Actors: Ron Perlman, James LeGros, Connie Britton, Zach Gilford, Kevin Corrigan
Duration: 100 min

Winter in Wartime (2008)
Watch Winter in Wartime full movie online free. Near the end of World War II, 14-year-old Michiel becomes involved with the Resistance after coming to the aid of a wounded British soldier...

Film director: Martin Koolhoven
Actors: Martijn Lakemeier, Yorick van Wageningen, Jamie Campbell Bower, Raymond Thiry, Melody Klaver
Duration: 103 min

Deep Winter (2008)
Watch Deep Winter full movie online free. Best friends set out to be the first people to ski a dangerous Alaskan peak.

Film director: Mikey Hilb
Actors: Eric Lively, Kellan Lutz, Luke Goss, Peyton List, Robert Carradine
Duration: 96 min

Winter of Frozen Dreams (2009)
Watch Winter of Frozen Dreams full movie online free. Barbara Hoffman (Birch) is a University of Wisconsin science student. She is a part-time employee at a local massage parlor. She is also a killer. Now all Detective Lulling (Carradine) has to do is prove it.

Film director: Eric Mandelbaum
Actors: Thora Birch, Keith Carradine, Brendan Sexton III, Leo Fitzpatrick, Dean Winters
Duration: 92 min

A Woman in Winter (2005)
Watch A Woman in Winter full movie online free. An astronomer enters into a destructive affair with a photographer.

Film director: Richard Jobson
Actors: Jamie Sives, Julie Gayet, Susan Lynch, Jason Flemyng, Brian Cox
Duration: 100 min

A Year Ago in Winter (2008)
Watch A Year Ago in Winter full movie online free. A renowned artist must uncover a young dancer's secrets in order to truly capture her likeness for a commissioned work.

Film director: Caroline Link
Actors: Corinna Harfouch, Josef Bierbichler, Karoline Herfurth, Hanns Zischler
Duration: 128 min

Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring (2003)
Watch Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter... and Spring full movie online free. This film takes place in an isolated lake, where an old monk lives on a small floating temple. The wise master has also a young boy with him that teaches to become a monk. And we watch as seasons and years pass by.

Film director: Ki-duk Kim
Actors: Oh Yeong-su, Ki-duk Kim, Kim Yeong-min, Seo Jae-gyeong, Yeo-jin Ha
Duration: 102 min

Winter Break (2003)
Watch Winter Break full movie online free. Four post-college men living in Aspen try to figure out what to do with their lives.

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Winter Solstice (2004)
Watch Winter Solstice full movie online free. In this suburban drama, a widower (played by Anthony LaPaglia) confronts his older son's (played by Aaron Stanford) decision to leave home and his younger son's self-destructive behavior.

Film director: Josh Sternfeld
Actors: Anthony LaPaglia, Aaron Stanford, Mark Webber, Allison Janney, Michelle Monaghan
Duration: 93 min

The Winter Guest (1997)
Watch The Winter Guest full movie online free. A recent widow who is determined to leave Scotland for Australia with her son gets an unexpected visit from her aging mother.

Film director: Alan Rickman
Actors: Phyllida Law, Emma Thompson, Gary Hollywood, Arlene Cockburn, Sheila Reid
Duration: 106 min

Winter Sleepers (1997)
Watch Winter Sleepers full movie online free. Young blonde translator Rebecca lives with her boyfriend ski instructor Marco in a mountain villa owned by her friend...

Film director: Tom Tykwer
Actors: Ulrich Matthes, Marie-Lou Sellem, Floriane Daniel, Heino Ferch, Josef Bierbichler
Duration: 122 min

A Tale of Winter (1992)
Watch A Tale of Winter full movie online free. Felicie and Charles have a serious if whirlwind holiday romance. Due to a mix-up on addresses they lose contact...

Film director: Eric Rohmer
Actors: Charlotte Very, Frederic van den Driessche, Michel Voletti, Herve Furic, Rosette
Duration: 114 min

The Last Winter (1990)
Watch The Last Winter full movie online free. Tells the story of a young man's struggle to keep his world from changing. Placed in the rural setting of the mid 1950's...

Film director: Aaron Kim Johnston
Actors: Joshua Murray, Gerard Parkes, David Ferry, Wanda Cannon, Nathaniel Moreau
Duration: 96 min

The Winter War (1989)
Watch The Winter War full movie online free. Russia attacked Finland in late November 1939. This film tells the story of a Finnish platoon of reservists...

Film director: Pekka Parikka
Actors: Taneli Makela, Vesa Vierikko, Timo Torikka, Heikki Paavilainen, Antti Raivio
Duration: 195 min

Dead of Winter (1987)
Watch Dead of Winter full movie online free. A fledgling actress is lured to a remote mansion for a screen-test, soon discovering she is actually a prisoner in the middle of a blackmail plot.

Film director: Arthur Penn
Actors: Mary Steenburgen, Roddy McDowall, Jan Rubes, William Russ, Mark Malone
Duration: 100 min

Winter People (1989)
Watch Winter People full movie online free. A young widower moves with his daughter into a North Carolina mountain town in 1934. He quickly takes up with a young woman with an illegitimate baby...

Film director: Ted Kotcheff
Actors: Kurt Russell, Kelly McGillis, Lloyd Bridges, Mitchell Ryan, Amelia Burnette
Duration: 109 min

Winter Flight (1984)
Watch Winter Flight full movie online free.

Film director: Roy Battersby
Actors: Reece Dinsdale, Nicola Cowper, Gary Olsen, Sean Bean, Beverly Hewitt
Duration: 105 min

The Last Winter (1984)
Watch The Last Winter full movie online free. Tells the story of two women seeking leads to their missing husbands after the end of the Yom Kippur War (1973)...

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Winter Kills (1979)
Watch Winter Kills full movie online free. 19 years after President Timothy Keegan was assassinated, his brother Nick discovers a dying man claiming to have been the gunman...

Film director: William Richert
Actors: Anthony Perkins, Belinda Bauer, Dorothy Malone, Eli Wallach, Jeff Bridges
Duration: 97 min