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Welcome to the Dollhouse (1995)
Watch Welcome to the Dollhouse full movie online free. Insightful look at an unattractive 7th grader as she struggles to cope with un-attentive parents, snobbish classmates, a smart older brother, an attractive younger sister, and her own insecurities.

Film director: Todd Solondz
Actors: Heather Matarazzo, Daria Kalinina, Matthew Faber, Angela Pietropinto, Bill Buell
Duration: 88 min

Army of Shadows (1969)
Watch Army of Shadows full movie online free. France, 1942, during the occupation. Philippe Gerbier, a civil engineer, is one of the French Resistance's chiefs...

Film director: Jean-Pierre Melville
Actors: Lino Ventura, Paul Meurisse, Jean-Pierre Cassel, Simone Signoret, Serge Reggiani
Duration: 140 min

...and the Fifth Horseman Is Fear (1965)
Watch ...and the Fifth Horseman Is Fear full movie online free. A Jewish doctor in Nazi occupied Czechoslovakia risks his life and attempts to regain his identity by assisting a wounded political fugitive.

Film director: Zbynek Brynych
Actors: Bohuslav Dodek, Eva Svobodova, Jiri Adamira, Josef Vinklar, Miroslav Machacek
Duration: 100 min

Dazed and Confused (1993)
Watch Dazed and Confused full movie online free. The adventures of incoming high school and junior high students on the last day of school, in May of 1976.

Film director: Richard Linklater
Actors: Jason London, Wiley Wiggins, Rory Cochrane, Milla Jovovich, Joey Lauren Adams
Duration: 103 min

Man of Iron (1981)
Watch Man of Iron full movie online free. A worker becomes a "man of iron" forged by experience, a son comes to terms with his father, a couple fall in love...

Film director: Andrzej Wajda
Actors: Jerzy Radziwilowicz, Krystyna Janda, Marian Opania, Irene Byrska, Boguslaw Linda
Duration: 140 min

Swan Lake (1981)
Watch Swan Lake full movie online free. The hero, Prince Siegfried, is out riding one day with his friends when he spies amidst swans on a lake...

Film director: Kimio Yabuki
Actors: Luo Hong, Wei Baohua, Wu Zhengdan, Xu Weiyan
Duration: 116 min

Surviving Desire (1991)
Watch Surviving Desire full movie online free. Jude, a college literature professor, falls for one of his students. She is more interested in the empirical...

Film director: Hal Hartley
Actors: Martin Donovan, Mary B. Ward, John A. MacKay, Matt Malloy, Merritt Nelson
Duration: 55 min

Slavnosti snezenek (1984)
Watch Slavnosti snezenek full movie online free.

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Song of the Sea (1952)
Watch Song of the Sea full movie online free. In the drought areas of Northeastern of Brazil, groups of migrants move trying to find better place to live...

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Promise Land (2013)
Watch Promise Land full movie online free. Promise Land, directed by Kevin Dalvi, is a brilliant, intense and engaging drama about the lives of...

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Law Abiding Citizen (2009)
Watch Law Abiding Citizen full movie online free. A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.

Film director: F. Gary Gray
Actors: Jamie Foxx, Gerard Butler, Colm Meaney, Bruce McGill, Leslie Bibb
Duration: 108 min

Mr. Hulot's Holiday (1953)
Watch Mr. Hulot's Holiday full movie online free. Monsieur Hulot comes to a beachside hotel for a vacation, where he accidentally (but good-naturedly) causes havoc.

Film director: Jacques Tati
Actors: Jacques Tati, Nathalie Pascaud, Louis Perrault, Michelle Rolla, Andre Dubois
Duration: 86 min

An Unfinished Life (2005)
Watch An Unfinished Life full movie online free. A down on her luck woman, desperate to provide care for her daughter, moves in with her father in-law from whom she is estranged. Through time, they learn to forgive each other and heal old wounds.

Film director: Lasse Hallstrom
Actors: Robert Redford, Jennifer Lopez, Morgan Freeman, Becca Gardner, Damian Lewis
Duration: 107 min

Lars and the Real Girl (2007)
Watch Lars and the Real Girl full movie online free. A delusional young guy strikes up an unconventional relationship with a doll he finds on the Internet.

Film director: Craig Gillespie
Actors: Ryan Gosling, Emily Mortimer, Paul Schneider, Patricia Clarkson, Kelli Garner
Duration: 106 min

Mr. Nookayya (2012)
Watch Mr. Nookayya full movie online free.

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Mehrban (1967)
Watch Mehrban full movie online free. Shanti Swarup is a businessman and lives a wealthy lifestyle with his three sons, Ram, Shyam, and Sunder; his wife...

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Conversation Piece (1974)
Watch Conversation Piece full movie online free. Retired professor of American origin lives solitary life in luxurious palazzo in Rome He is confronted...

Film director: Luchino Visconti
Actors: Burt Lancaster, Silvana Mangano, Helmut Berger, Claudia Marsani, Stefano Patrizi
Duration: 120 min

RiffTrax Live: Starship Troopers (2013)
Watch RiffTrax Live: Starship Troopers full movie online free. RiffTrax gives their special treatment to Starship Troopers.

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min

Tora! Tora! Tora! (1970)
Watch Tora! Tora! Tora! full movie online free. A dramatization of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor and the series of American blunders that allowed it to happen.

Film director: Richard Fleischer, Kinji Fukasaku
Actors: Martin Balsam, So Yamamura, Joseph Cotten, Tatsuya Mihashi, E.G. Marshall
Duration: 144 min

Night Flight (2014)
Watch Night Flight full movie online free.

Film director: unknown
Actors: unknown
Duration: min