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Tobe is about 16, living with her dad and younger brother in LA's San Fernando Valley. She invites a gas station attendant named Harlan to come to the beach with her and her friends. He's from South Dakota, wears a cowboy hat, talks country, and has been a ranch hand. They have a great time, his simple expressions seem like wisdom, he's attentive and polite, and even though he's more than twice her age, she wants to spend time with him. When her father objects, she rebels. Harlan, meanwhile, thinks she's his soul mate, and he starts making plans to get her away from her father. Worlds are set to collide, but which ones?

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TitleDown in the Valley
Film GenresDrama, Romance, Thriller
Film Score
Film DirectorDavid Jacobson
Film CastsEdward Norton, David Morse, Evan Rachel Wood, Rory Culkin, John Diehl
Length125 minutes
IMDB LinkLink

The premise of Old West clashing with modern suburbia is fresh and initially intriguing, but the second act degenerates into a clumsy jumble of events which strain credibility.

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