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Stream full movie Cool Kids Don't Cry online now. No download required. This movie was released in 2012 and directed by Dennis Bots. Also covered by great actors / actresses including Hanna Obbeek, Nils Verkooijen, Fiona Livingston. Watch the movie now for free!

Adaptation of one of Benelux most famous children's novels. Tough prime school girl Akkie loves soccer and can be a real bully. Love is the only thing she's scared of. When Akkie is diagnosed with Leukemia, she has to fight for her life. On the verge of going to high school, Akkie has to allow love to enter her life, and thus gain courage to accept the inevitable.

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TitleCool Kids Don't Cry
Film GenresFamily
Film Score
Film DirectorDennis Bots
Film CastsHanna Obbeek, Nils Verkooijen, Fiona Livingston
IMDB LinkLink

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