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Stream full movie O scrisoare pierduta online now. No download required. This movie was released in 1953 and directed by Sica Alexandrescu, Victor Iliu. Also covered by great actors / actresses including . Watch the movie now for free!

The plot take place in 1883 in a small provincial town in Romania, where the corrupt establishment decide everything, including - of course - who will be the "elected" representative to the national Senate. A love letter from the bachelor mayor to the wife of the local party chief, gets lost and found by a drunk party supporter. The letter finds its way to the opposition party, which decide to use the letter by blackmailing the powerful local "camarilla", and to get his own man to represent the county. What follows is not easy to guess....

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TitleO scrisoare pierduta
Film GenresComedy
Film Score
Film DirectorSica Alexandrescu, Victor Iliu
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