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Stream full movie Them! online now. No download required. This movie was released in 1954 and directed by Gordon Douglas. Also covered by great actors / actresses including James Whitmore,Edmund Gwenn,Joan Weldon,James Arness,Onslow Stevens. Watch the movie now for free!

Nuclear tests in the desert result in the growth of gigantic mutant ants who menace cities in the American south-west as a team of investigators and the army search for a way to control their spread in this Cold War-era monster film.

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Film GenresSci-Fi, Horror
Film Score
Film DirectorGordon Douglas
Film CastsJames Whitmore, Edmund Gwenn, Joan Weldon, James Arness, Onslow Stevens
Length93 minutes
IMDB LinkLink

One of the best creature features of the early atomic age, Them! features effectively menacing special effects and avoids the self-parody that would taint later monster movies.

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