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September the 8th 1943, Rome, that crucial day, the armistice, in the town many life change their way. Danilo escapes the fascist enlist, while Michele succeeded to leave his administration moving from Rome. On the way to come back Rome the two meets Gino and all together will try to pass trough the Gothic Line (separating Nazi occupied Italy by Allied liberated Italy). They are intercepted by the Germans and find a temporary refugee in an abandoned cellar full of Italian soldier escaping the Germans. Now also an Italian partisan, Edoardo and Orlando are part of the group. Their goal is to bomb an important bridge. But Edoardo is captured and sentenced to death. The three and Orlando decide to bomb the bridge anyway. They will succeed thanks to the sacrifice of Danilo, and Germans will attribute the commando action to American Parachutists, ignoring the bravery of 4 normal Italian citizens.

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TitleA Day for Lionhearts
Film GenresDrama, War
Film Score
Film DirectorNanni Loy
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