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Stream full movie Castle of Blood online now. No download required. This movie was released in 1964 and directed by Antonio Margheriti. Also covered by great actors / actresses including Barbara Steele,Georges Riviere,Margarete Robsahm,Arturo Dominici,Silvano Tranquilli. Watch the movie now for free!

A writer accepts a bet that he cannot spend the night alone in a haunted castle on All Soul's Eve. Once night falls at the castle, several who had been murdered therein return to life, reliving their deaths and seeking to kill the writer for his blood in a vain attempt to stay alive beyond that one night. Barbara Steele, as one of the living dead, tries to aid his escape from the castle.

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TitleCastle of Blood
Film GenresHorror
Film Score
Film DirectorAntonio Margheriti
Film CastsBarbara Steele, Georges Riviere, Margarete Robsahm, Arturo Dominici, Silvano Tranquilli
Length87 minutes
IMDB LinkLink

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