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Ram Avtar, a barber in a small village, comes from a poor family, widowed, but has his wife's sister, Sushma, looking after him and his kids. Ram Avtar cuts, shaves, and grooms all males in his village, including Minister Digvijay Singh. When Digvijay's political party is in need of someone to stand in the forthcoming election, Digvijay recommends Ram Avtar as his choice. Ram Avtar accepts this challenge, and then begins the race of getting votes. To his surprise, he wins, and goes on to become a Member of the Legislative Assembly. Sushma watches from the sidelines as to how the changes affect this simple-minded and straight-forward barber.

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TitleAaj Ka M.L.A. Ram Avtar
Film GenresDrama
Film Score
Film DirectorNarayana Rao Dasari
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