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After working with his mentor and Public Prosecutor Dushane for many years, Advocate Bhaskar Kulkarni is assigned a legal aid case of Bhiku Lahanya, who is accused of brutally killing his wife, Nag, for disobeying him and refusing to have sex with other men. Bhiku remains silent when asked to plead guilty or otherwise. Bhaskar's efforts to get him to subsequently confide in him, prove in vain. Even when Bhaskar goes to talk to Bhiku's dad and sister, he is shunned. When he persists his window panes are broken, then one night he is attacked and knifed. He gets Police protection through the courts and persists with his questions - only to run into nothing but a wall of silence. Then he is contacted by a Social Worker who tells him what really happened. Before Bhaskar could do anything, the Social Worker goes missing, & Bhiku's dad passes away. When Bhiku is permitted to attend his funeral...

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