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Stream full movie Volere volare online now. No download required. This movie was released in 1991 and directed by Guido Manuli,Maurizio Nichetti. Also covered by great actors / actresses including Maurizio Nichetti,Angela Finocchiaro,Patrizio Roversi,Mariella Valentini,Remo Remotti. Watch the movie now for free!

Martina is a professional lady whose clients are harmless if eccentric; she sees herself as a social worker. Shy Maurizio dubs sound for cartoons while his outgoing brother dubs more saucy material and gets the girls. After Maurizio accidentally helps Martina on some of her assignations she decides to find out if he wants to help regularly. Whether or not it's the possibility of romance, Maurizio is horrified to find on their first date that his hands have been replaced by cartoon ones with minds of their own.

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TitleVolere volare
Film GenresComedy, Fantasy
Film Score
Film DirectorGuido Manuli, Maurizio Nichetti
Film CastsMaurizio Nichetti, Angela Finocchiaro, Patrizio Roversi, Mariella Valentini, Remo Remotti
Length92 minutes
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