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Winter Passing (2005)
Watch Winter Passing online instantly. Actress Reese Holden has been offered a small fortune by a book editor if she can secure for publication the love letters that her father...

Directed By: Adam Rapp
Cast: Amelia Warner, Amy Madigan, Anthony Rapp, Dallas Roberts, Ed Harris
Length: 98 minutes

Pollock (2000)
Watch Pollock online instantly. A film about the life and career of the American painter, Jackson Pollock.

Directed By: Ed Harris
Cast: Ed Harris, Marcia Gay Harden, Amy Madigan, Jennifer Connelly, Jeffrey Tambor
Length: 123 minutes

A Time for Dancing (2000)
Watch A Time for Dancing online instantly. Their love of dance, and their friendship, is challenged for two high school girls when one is diagnosed with cancer.

Directed By: Peter Gilbert
Cast: Larisa Oleynik, Shiri Appleby, Peter Coyote, Patricia Kalember, Amy Madigan
Length: 93 minutes

Just a Dream (2002)
Watch Just a Dream online instantly. Film crew arrives in a small town in Nevada desert. Ends up changing the life of a 12-year-old kid and a friend of his, a movie lover.

Directed By: Danny Glover
Cast: Rodney A. Grant, Amy Madigan, Ally Sheedy, Robby Benson, Carl Lumbly
Length: 96 minutes

The Sleepy Time Gal (2001)
Watch The Sleepy Time Gal online instantly. Frances had been a radio DJ in Florida; she's now living in San Francisco and dying of cancer, with...

Directed By: Christopher Munch
Cast: Jacqueline Bisset, Martha Plimpton, Nick Stahl, Amy Madigan, Frankie Faison
Length: 107 minutes

Admissions (2004)
Watch Admissions online instantly. The Brighton has a traumatic drama in the breast of their family: the twenty years old Emily Brighton is retarded due to a fall when she was one...

Directed By: Melissa Painter
Cast: Lauren Ambrose, Christopher Lloyd, Amy Madigan, John Savage, Fran Kranz
Length: 84 minutes

Female Perversions (1996)
Watch Female Perversions online instantly. An ambitious female attorney wallows in excess and meaningless sex with both male and female partners, while dealing with her personal life problems including helping her kleptomaniac sister.

Directed By: Susan Streitfeld
Cast: Tilda Swinton, Amy Madigan, Karen Sillas, Laila Robins, Clancy Brown
Length: 116 minutes

Loved (1997)
Watch Loved online instantly. After a husband is accused of droving his third wife to suicide, his first wife Hedda, a troubled woman who can't hate or hurt others even if they had wronged her, is subpoenaed to testify on his abusive behavior during their marriage.

Directed By: Erin Dignam
Cast: Robin Wright, William Hurt, Amy Madigan, Lucinda Jenney, Joanna Cassidy
Length: 109 minutes

With Friends Like These... (1998)
Watch With Friends Like These... online instantly. Four small-time two-bit character actors, all close friends, are competing for same important part in the next Martin Scorsese mob film.

Directed By: Melvin James, Philip Frank Messina
Cast: Adam Arkin, Robert Costanzo, Beverly D'Angelo, Elle Macpherson, Amy Madigan
Length: 105 minutes

The Dark Half (1993)
Watch The Dark Half online instantly. A writer's fictional alter-ego wants to take over his any price.

Directed By: George A. Romero
Cast: Timothy Hutton, Amy Madigan, Michael Rooker, Julie Harris, Robert Joy
Length: 122 minutes

Streets of Fire (1984)
Watch Streets of Fire online instantly. A mercenary goes after his ex-girlfriend, a singer who has been kidnapped by a gang.

Directed By: Walter Hill
Cast: Michael Pare, Diane Lane, Rick Moranis, Amy Madigan, Willem Dafoe
Length: 94 minutes

Places in the Heart (1984)
Watch Places in the Heart online instantly. In 1930's Southern US, a widow and her family try to run their cotton farm with the help of a disparate group of friends.

Directed By: Robert Benton
Cast: Sally Field, Lindsay Crouse, Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, John Malkovich
Length: 113 minutes

Field of Dreams (1989)
Watch Field of Dreams online instantly. An Iowa corn farmer, hearing voices, interprets them as a command to build a baseball diamond in his fields; he does, and the Chicago Black Sox come.

Directed By: Phil Alden Robinson
Cast: Kevin Costner, Amy Madigan, James Earl Jones, Ray Liotta, Burt Lancaster
Length: 106 minutes

Uncle Buck (1989)
Watch Uncle Buck online instantly. Bachelor and all round slob, Buck, babysits his brother's rebellious teenage daughter and her cute younger brother and sister.

Directed By: John Hughes
Cast: John Candy, Amy Madigan, Jean Louisa Kelly, Gaby Hoffmann, Macaulay Culkin
Length: 100 minutes

Twice in a Lifetime (1985)
Watch Twice in a Lifetime online instantly. A middle-aged steelworker is content with his job and his family, but feels that something is missing in his life...

Directed By: Bud Yorkin
Cast: Gene Hackman, Ann-Margret, Ellen Burstyn, Amy Madigan, Ally Sheedy
Length: 117 minutes

Alamo Bay (1985)
Watch Alamo Bay online instantly. A despondent Vietnam veteran in danger of losing his livelihood is pushed to the edge when he sees Vietnamese...

Directed By: Louis Malle
Cast: Amy Madigan, Ed Harris, Ho Nguyen, Donald Moffat, Truyen V. Tran
Length: 98 minutes

Love Letters (1983)
Watch Love Letters online instantly. A story of love and obsession. A young radio personality who, after her mother dies, discovers she had been having a love affair for 15 years...

Directed By: Amy Holden Jones
Cast: Jamie Lee Curtis, James Keach, Amy Madigan, Bud Cort, Matt Clark
Length: 98 minutes

The Prince of Pennsylvania (1988)
Watch The Prince of Pennsylvania online instantly. There's nothing wrong with the Marshetta family that a little felony can't cure. Rupert doesn't want to follow in his father's blue-collar footsteps...

Directed By: Ron Nyswaner
Cast: Keanu Reeves, Amy Madigan, Bonnie Bedelia, Fred Ward, Joseph de Lisi
Length: 113 minutes

Love Child (1982)
Watch Love Child online instantly. It's an extraordinarily touching true-story about Terry Jean Moore, the determined, independent and...

Directed By: unknown
Cast: unknown
Length: minutes

Nowhere to Hide (1987)
Watch Nowhere to Hide online instantly. Marine officer Rob Cutter and his wife Barbara have a son named Johnny. Rob discovers that two newly...

Directed By: unknown
Cast: unknown
Length: minutes

Virginia (2010)
Watch Virginia online instantly. A sheriff sees his state senate bid slide out onto the ice when his daughter begins to date the son of a charming but psychologically disturbed woman with whom the sheriff has engaged in a two-decades-long affair.

Directed By: Dustin Lance Black
Cast: Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, Emma Roberts, Amy Madigan, Carrie Preston
Length: 116 minutes

Once Fallen (2010)
Watch Once Fallen online instantly. The hardest part about moving on is saying goodbye.

Directed By: Ash Adams
Cast: Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Brian Presley, Taraji P. Henson, Michael Madsen
Length: 95 minutes

The Lifeguard (2013)
Watch The Lifeguard online instantly. A former valedictorian quits her reporter job in New York and returns to the place she last felt happy: her childhood home in Connecticut. She gets work as a lifeguard and starts a dangerous relationship with a troubled teenager.

Directed By: Liz W. Garcia
Cast: Kristen Bell, Mamie Gummer, Martin Starr, Alex Shaffer, Amy Madigan
Length: 97 minutes

Shirin in Love (2014)
Watch Shirin in Love online instantly. Love has no borders and therein lies the premise of the charming, new Iranian-American romantic comedy "Shirin in Love." Nazanin Boniadi plays Shirin...

Directed By: Ramin Niami
Cast: Nazanin Boniadi, Riley Smith, Maz Jobrani, George Wallace (II), Amy Madigan
Length: 104 minutes

Frontera (2014)
Watch Frontera online instantly. A former Arizona Sheriff's wife is killed while riding on their Ranch property. It would appear a Mexican man crossing in to the US illegally is at fault. As former Sheriff and current Sheriff search for answers, lives are changed forever.

Directed By: Michael Berry
Cast: Ed Harris, Amy Madigan, Michael Pena, Eva Longoria, Mia Stallard
Length: minutes